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All checking accounts are not the same.

Which one is right for you? FNB offers checking accounts with a variety of benefits designed to meet your financial needs.

If you like added value in your checking account - the Preferred Check Club might be what you're looking for. Want a checking account that accrues interest? Our N.O.W. and First Reward Checking Account will do just that...and more. We also offer a Regular Checking Account, Student Checking, Econo Checking (all the features of Regular Checking with reduced fees) and a special checking program for Non-Profit Organizations.

Specialty accounts such as the Direct Access Account and our Money Market Deposit Account are also available to give you checking convenience with your Direct Deposit funds or Money Market account.

Click on any of the links below for more information on FNB Checking Accounts.

For further information call us 423-569-8586 or e-mail us at support@fnboneida.com

Come see one of our New Accounts Representatives today to open an account!

Preferred Check Club

This is not your ordinary checking account. Oh no, this one is loaded with features you won't find elsewhere. Check into this club and you can purchase discount tickets to popular theme parks and movie theaters, save on golf outings, travel services and groceries!

First National Bank adds Identity Theft Insurance with Fraud Assistance, My Getaway, credit card protection, and a $15,000 Accidental Death Insurance Policy to make this the 'Cadillac' of all checking accounts.

If all this isn't enough, we'll even give you a discount on your banking services. All this for a small monthly fee that we're sure you'll agree is worth the price.

We all need a checking account... why not take advantage of the best option available and join the club!

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Regular Checking

An Account for People Like You.

The basic package... plain and simple.You need to write checks for those every month occurrences. Things like paying the bills, buying groceries and purchasing life's essentials. Sometimes emergencies arise and you find yourself needing to write checks that are outside the normal day-to-day routine.

You need a checking account that works with you. One that gives you plenty of room with out taking a bite out of your budget.

You need Regular Checking from FNB. We won't charge you for the first 30 checks written each month.

Why? Because you don't need added fees.

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N.O.W. Account

It's In Your Best Interest!

Idle money is money that isn't working for you. Traditionally that's what checking accounts did...wait for you to spend money by writing a check.

The N.O.W. Account from First National changes all that. Now you can earn interest on money deposited into checking.

Individuals, students, families, non-incorporated businesses, and non-profit organizations are eligible for the N.O.W. account.

Idle money was yesterday. This is the future of money and the future is N.O.W.

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Money Market Deposit Account (MMDA)

Let us Peak Your Interest!

Are you getting everything you can out of your money? Did you ever wish you could move funds from one account to another quickly to take advantage of higher interest rates? Now you can with a Money Market Deposit Account from FNB.

When you need funds transferred to your checking account, simply draw from your MMDA on-line, by phone or in-person at the bank. Limited check writing privileges.*

Take advantage of the account with your interest in mind.

*Under Federal Regulation, transfers from a Money Market Account to another account or to third parties by preauthorized, automatic or telephone transfer are limited to six per month. If this limitation is exceeded on a regular basis, we are required to convert your account to another account that permits unlimited check writing privileges.

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Direct Access Account

Because Time IS Money.

Do you like the convenience of Direct Deposit? Do you have better things to do than keep up with the register of your checkbook? FNB's Direct Access Account gives you something as valuable as money in the bank... free time.

With a Direct Access Account your paycheck is automatically deposited into your First National Bank account. There are no deposit slips to fill out, lines to stand in or a wait at the drive thru.

Your Direct Access Account is insured by the FDIC for up to $250,000 and a $15,000 Accidental Death Insurance* Policy is included with the account. We'll also give you a photo I.D. card to make check cashing easier and send a monthly statement directly to your home for your records.

The Direct Access Account makes banking as simple as it can be!

* Insurance is not FDIC insured.

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Econo Checking

Think of it as Checking Light.

Not everyone writes a lot of checks. You pay cash or with a credit card... or maybe you just plain old don't spend a lot of money.

If any of these describe you, then you might want to consider Econo Checking from FNB.

You'll save money and won't sacrifice any of the conveniences of a First National Bank Regular Checking Account.

So, if you only write 10 checks or less each month... lighten up with an Econo Checking Account.

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Student Checking

Hey Mom! Send Money!

You see the signs at sporting events... students seeking financial help from home. With a student checking account from First National Bank you can take control of your own finances and spend more time cheering for the home team.

Are you a full-time student? FNB knows that educational expenses aren't cheap, so we've made checking inexpensive to make your life easier. In fact, the first five checks each month are paid with no fee, while each check thereafter has a low $0.25 fee. Plus, there's no service charge... regardless of your balance. Pretty cool, huh?

Want to know more about your account? Bank Line 24 offers 24-hour banking by phone and it's free when you open a Student Checking Account.

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Non-Profit Organization Checking

What Are Friends For?

Non-Profit Organization Checking from FNB makes good business sense for Churches, Civic Groups, Scout Troops, Educational or Professional Associations.

We can set up a special account for your group without a service charge of any kind regardless of your balance!

At First National Bank we believe in doing all we can to help our community grow. We believe that the people of our service region are our most valuable resource and offer this special account to help your group stretch the budget as far as possible.

After all, you're investing in us... it makes sense that we'd invest in you.

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