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We're all more informed about finances than ever before. That means you'll be looking for more and more services to make banking more productive and convenient.

First National Bank offers you more than just loans, checking and savings... much more.

Click on the links at the top for more information. Whether you're at home or abroad, First National Bank is proud to be your financial partner.

Call an account representative at 423-569-8586 or e-mail us for more information.

VISA & MasterCard

Eliminate the hassle of carrying cash and wondering whether or not your checks are going to be accepted. Carry a First National Bank VISA or MasterCard instead. There's no annual fee, they're accepted worldwide and nothing's more convenient.

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Safe Deposit Box Rental*

Family heirlooms, valuable papers or precious jewelry need the protection that only a First National Bank Safe Deposit Box can offer.

We offer Safe Deposit Boxes as small as 3"x5" or as large as 10"x10" with three additional sizes (5"x5", 3"x10.5", 5"x10.5") in-between.

For a small annual fee you'll know irreplaceable items are safe, secure and not far from home with a First National Bank Safe Deposit Box.

*Contents are not FDIC insured.

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Bank Checks

  • $5 charge for official checks of any amount
  • 2 free with the Preferred Checking Account.

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Savings Bonds

First National Bank sells Series EE Savings Bonds.

To learn more about Savings Bonds go to: http://www.treasurydirect.gov/indiv/products/products.htm

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Re-order Checks

Order your checks online from Harland Clarke, our preferred provider. Click on link below:

Deluxe personal check reorder and status link

Secure, Fast Ordering Ordering checks online from Harland Clarke is as safe and secure as ordering them in person or over the phone. The site is VeriSign secure and TruSecure certified, so your transactions and account information are safe and completely confidential.

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Wiring Services

Please call 423-663-4044 for wiring instructions.

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Night Deposit

Available to all customers at all four locations of First National Bank.
We have keys and night deposit bags available for our business customers.

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Direct Deposit

Let's see, you get your paycheck and take it to the bank... that's waiting in traffic, driving time, gas money and one or two bad drivers.

Or, you could use Direct Deposit to have funds transferred to your account while you enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Direct Deposit is free. Application forms are available at any branch location so pick one up and get out of traffic today.

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Bounce Protection

Sometimes checks bounce. When that happens you need a bank that understands and does something to make it right. A bank like First National Bank!

That's what Bounce Protection does for you. When you write a check beyond the balance in your account, we'll cover it... up to a preset limit.

No one likes to hear the there's a BOING in their checking account but Bounce Protection is music to your ears.

Get Bounce Protection and get rid of BOINGS... forever.

Click here read the FNB Bounce Protection Customer Overdraft Policy.

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Bank Line-24

24-hour banking by phone:
(423) 569-BANK
(423) 569-2265

Bank Line 24 from First National Bank lets you bank while...

  • waiting in traffic
  • sitting at the fast food's drive-thru window
  • sunning on the beach
  • working at the office
  • relaxing in your hotel room... in another state... any state

Got the picture? With Bank Line 24 all you need is a touchtone phone and you're able to access account information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With the touch of a button you can transfer funds, check your balance and deposits, find out your next loan payment date, get a record of interest paid or earned to date... even check on community events!

Step 1
Before you call, have your account numbers ready. You will also be asked to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN). The first time you access each account menu, your PIN will be the last four digits of the social security number of the primary account holder (for joint accounts this is usually the first name on the account. Call us if you have problems). For your safety, you will be instructed to change your PIN to a new four digit number that only you know, so think of one before you call.

Step 2
Call 423-569-2265 from any touch-tone phone. You may also call from a rotary service phone with tone capability or by using a tone dialer.

Step 3
Listen to the welcome message and follow the simple instructions. To make your selection, simply press the corresponding number on your telephone. To return to the main menu press the star key, on most menus press 1 to repeat the menu.

Welcome Menu
1 for information on your accounts or loans
2 for the latest rates
3 for the enhanced services menu
4 for the community message center
5 for information on specific bank services (not used at present)

Main Menu
1 for information on checking accounts
2 for information on savings accounts
3 for information on loans
4 for information on certificates of deposit
5 for information on individual retirement accounts

Checking Account Menu
2 to search for a specific check
3 for information on transactions that have posted to your account in the last 45 days
4 for information on your last deposit
5 to enter another account or loan number
6 to receive a fax of checks that have cleared your account in the last 45 days

Savings Account Menu
2 for your interest amount earned year to date
3 to enter another account or loan number
4 for information on your last deposit

Loan Menu
2 for your interest amount earned year to date
3 for information on your next payment
4 for payoff information
5 to enter another account or loan number
6 for information on your last payment

Certificates of Deposit Menu
2 for the current interest rate
3 for the maturity date of this CD
4 for the next interest payment of this CD
5 to enter another account or loan number

Individual Retirement Account Menu
2 for the interest rate of this IRA
3 to enter another account or loan number

Rates Menu
1 for rates on certificate of deposit accounts
2 for rates on individual retirement accounts
3 for rates on checking and money market accounts
4 for rates on savings accounts
5 for rates on now accounts

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Drive Thru Banking

Drive Thru Banking is available at all five First National Bank locations for customer convenience: Oneida Office, Central Office, Huntsville Office, Winfield Office, and LaFollette Office.

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24-Hour ATMs

3 ATM locations for customer convenience:
FNB Main Office - Oneida
FNB Central Office – Helenwood
FNB Lafollette Office Lafollette

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