You are fully committed to your business

Your time and effort is dedicated to taking advantage of opportunities and meeting challenges head on. At First National Bank, we are fully committed to you. Our products and services help you manage your daily operations with more efficiency so you can achieve your business goals.

If you're in charge of paying the bills for your business, you want an account that makes your job easier. That's what we offer to our commercial customers at First National Bank.

First National's Commercial Checking option is simple. Write unlimited corporate checks and the account may receive an earnings credit based on the balance that may offset all or a portion of the account fees. At the end of the month you'll get detailed statements and an account analysis to help you with your records.

At FNB we know that work is hard enough... that's why we've made commercial checking a breeze.

Staying Safe Online

While there is no guarantee any amount of additional security will prevent identity fraud, by being aware of what you share online, you can build another line of defense between yourself and criminals.
Close up of hands holding a credit card over a laptop keyboard.