Imagine your bank being open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. First National Bank introduces 1st Choice NetTeller... the 24-hour banking option that lets you check account balances, get account information, review past statements and transfer funds between accounts.

Wherever there's an internet connection, there's a link to First National Bank. Just log on to and key in your user name and passcode... it's as simple as that.

Internet banking is safe, fast and convenient.

  • Call an account representative at 423-569-8586 or Contact Us for more information.
  • Check your balance
  • Gather information on your account
  • Review past statements (up to 90-day history)
  • Transfer funds between your accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Any transfer made before 4:00 pm will be posted that day.

When you choose your password, it is immediately encrypted for your protection - no one knows it but you.  If you forget it, simply call us at 423-663-4044 to reset or you can do the "forgot password" to reset it yourself.
Yes. In fact, online banking is safer than using a credit card.

First National Bank's information security systems are among the most stringent in the industry and use the latest encryption technology available.

Encryption makes it virtually impossible for any financial information to be accessed by anyone except you. Always keep your password secret. Never give out your password and don't select one that is obvious to outsiders, such as your birth date. Always exit your session before moving on to other internet sites.

Install a good virus protection program. Virus protection is good policy even if you don't bank online but it does protect you from viruses that detect keystrokes.
If you notice ANY unusual activity with your account, please notify First National Bank immediately.
No. FNB will NEVER contact you and request your Personal Identification Number. Do not give this information to anyone, whether over the phone or the internet.
FNB's Internet Banking has a 10 minutes timeout feature, so if the system is not used for 10 minutes, the user will become inactive and will have to log in again. This is a feature designed to protect you.
Transfers between FNB accounts can be scheduled up to one year in advance.
NetTeller recommends using Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.  Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, AOL and other browsers need to verify that your version supports SSL encryption. For added security, we recommend that you download the latest browser version, which supports 128-bit encryption.
DO NOT immediately "reload" the transfer. The transfer may have already been posted, and the confirmation number was lost in transit. First check the account the transfer was drawn on, then check the account status of the account transferred to. If no debits or credits appear on your accounts, then the transfer was incomplete. Only then should you "reload" the transfer.

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